Alphabyte Transcription
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Let us take a "byte" out of your workload


Therapeutic Areas of Expertise:


·   Biotechnology

·   Cardiovascular

·   Dermatology

·   Endocrinology

·   Gastroenterology

·   Gynecology

·   Infectious Diseases

·   Medical Devices

·   Neurology/Psychiatry

·   Oncology

·   Ophthalmology

·   Orthopedic Medicine

·   Pain Management

·   Plastic Surgery

·   Respiratory

·   Rheumatology

·   Urology


We transcribe:


·   Advisory Board Meetings

·   Business Meetings

·   Conferences

·   Focus Groups

·   One-on-One Interviews

·   Seminars

·   Telephone Interviews

·   Etc.


Transcription Formats:


·   Digital

·   DVD

·   Micro Cassette

·   Mini Cassette

·   Standard Cassette

·   VHS








    Alphabyte was established in 1989 for the purpose of providing quality and accurate verbatim transcription  service  to all industries.  Our primary focus is in the healthcare and pharmaceutical market research areas. 


    Being able to transcribe audio into text requires expertise in grammar, punctuation and knowledge of the topic being researched, which Alphabyte provides.

    transcribes everything and anything you need, such as Letters, Reports, Dissertations to Focus Groups, Product Development Meetings, Strategic Planning Meetings, and Advisory Board Meetings.  Whatever your needs are, Alphabyte provides quality transcripts within your deadlines.